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Spiritual Healers and Leaders 1:1 support

Are you a healer or spiritual coach yourself?  Do you invest in growing and your own ascension pathway enough?  I work with current and future leaders of the world helping them to further release blocks, gain clarity, recognize soul from ego in everything they do and be the best they can be in order to carry out their vital service to humanity at this time.  

Reiki and Energy Coaching

Dense energy and memories get stored deep in our physical bodies and can cause us disharmony without even releasing it.  Perhaps you have areas of the body that feel out of balance, anxiety, or a phobia of something that doesn't make sense.  If so Past life healings and chakra work can be very beneficial in restoring balance an helping you understand the why question.


Angel and Ancestorial Readings

Do you want to connect with a loved one on the other side?  Or just receive advice from your guides and angels.  This can be comforting and helpful particularly in releasing grief and fear, where are your unconscious blocks, what don't you want to see in your life?  Sessions with myself and your guides and angels can offer you answers to this and much more. 

          Pricing that's affordable and                                   flexible for you

No minimum session tie in session amounts 

Coaching and Healing work: £120 

Angel and Ancestorial Readings : £70 

Payments can be made in all currencies - please ask if you would like the price converted

Blocks of 6 sessions are offered with 10% Discount 

Please get in touch for a free consultation